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A dead Sea Cow

Date taken: 11 May 2008.

Location: The Sea Cow restaurant, Stoke Newington Church Street.

Published on 13th June, 2008


Banksy’s half of the drainpipe

Date taken: 10 April 2008
Lower Clapton Road

Published on 13th April, 2008


Cubism is Dead and other street art

Date taken: 24 February 2008
Stoke Newington Church Street

Published on 25th February, 2008


Graffiti: this is a canvas

Date taken: 13 February 2008
Ellingfort Road

Published on 14th February, 2008


Graffiti, Daubeney Road Bridge

Date taken: 8 February 2008
Daubeney Road, Homerton/ Clapton Park

Published on 9th February, 2008


Street Art, Milton Grove

Date taken:
5 February 2008
Milton Grove, Stoke Newington

Published on 5th February, 2008


When im in Hackney…

Date taken: 22 November 2007
Filey Avenue, Stamford Hill

Published on 25th November, 2007


Building Site Graffiti, Millfields

If I were a copper, those apostrophes would lead me to suspect the vandal was a grocer.

Date taken: 9 November 2007
Millfields, Upper Clapton

Published on 9th November, 2007


Boy’s Face Graffiti, Rectory Road

Date taken: 7 November 2007
Rectory Road

“If Banksy’s buggered, what chance have I got?”

Published on 7th November, 2007


Alphabeat: Mare Street

Date taken: 22 October 2007
Mare Street

Published on 6th November, 2007